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adidas originals trainers sale Taste of West Memphis adidas retro jacket As traditionalists, I think fans like the stripes that we have always played in. I find it hard to see us in blue shorts, as we have been this season, because I always associate blue shorts with difficult times, like when we went down to the third division and when we had our worst ever season.

cheap adidas crazy 8 University of Washington midfielder Josh Heard (Victoria) was injured while University of Denver Jordan Schweitzer (born in Dallas to parents from Alberta) signed a homegrown player contract last week with the Seattle Sounders.

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2015 Womens Adidas Originals Stan Smith D65875 Zx 700 W The Mid 80S Shoes Atmosphere Back in 2007, Nike (NYSE:NKE) signed Durant to his first NBA deal worth million for seven years. Durant turned down a million deal from Adidas, due to his familiarity with Nike and likely the dominance of the apparel company. Turning his back now on Nike in lieu of a higher payout speaks volumes about the potential he must see in Under Armour. Another link to Under Armour is the fact Durant grew up in Maryland, less than 50 miles from Under Armour's headquarters. adidas on sale online Hurricanes president Don Waddell adidas originals trainers sale

cheap adidas crazy 8 There is a reason and he has thought long and hard about it. Not everybody enjoys giving evidence, not everybody communicates well. People who can communicate well in life generally succeed better than those who don't. Those isolated few don't do terribly well if they can't communicate, and when it comes to something as serious as this that is a problem. Witnesses had described the attacker as Asian, mixed race, and black, Mr Warlock said, and the victim had said his attacker was mixed race of Afro Caribbean. This was not unusual in Birmingham or Wolverhampton, he said, one of the biggest multi racial areas in the country. It could be any one of hundreds. I am sorry, I am going to be blunt. He is just another big black lad running down the street dressed as many young guys of his ethnic grouping, or any ethnic grouping. The attacker was wearing a grey Adidas track suit, but Mr Warlock said this is the 'uniform of the age' and a common outfit. He said: If you drive down Hagley Road you can probably pick out half a dozen young men in them. The victim, aged 51 said to have served the 29 year old defendant before and his daughter both identified McTaggart in an ID parade. Two other witnesses did not identify him in an ID parade. Mr Scott Coughtrie, prosecuting, said CCTV images of a man in a grey tracksuit, and images of McTaggart had been analysed by an expert witness using facial mapping. The expert witness said there is 'strong support' McTaggart is the man in the images, and Mr Coughtrie said this supports both Mr Sidhu and his daughter's identification of McTaggart in the ID parade.???live Branch Conquistadors place among area's elite After conducting football practice one recent afternoon, after making sure all the footballs were in a bag and a birthday cake had been delivered to a player, Olive Branch coach Scott Samsel walked a visitor inside the school building to a mini shrine of the program's accomplishments. There, on a blue wall, were assorted team photos dating back to the very first Conquistadors team in 1926. Samsel pointed out his grandfather on the top row of the sepia toned 1932 photo. The program's accomplishments were sprinkled throughout. There is a pervasive feeling upon spending time at Olive Branch: The Conquistadors have always been good, sometimes really good, at football. But it wasn't until last year that Samsel's team made the leap that high school coaches across the Mid South ? across the country, really ? stay up at night trying to figure out how to make: Olive Branch went from good to great. For the first time, the Conquistadors were the state champions. As Samsel, 50, strolled around his facility Monday afternoon, his team was in the midst of a historic high: It had won 20 consecutive games, was the defending champion in Mississippi's largest classification and was ranked No. 1 among Shelby Metro teams. Clearing the Hurdle Samsel, whose deep voiced drawl rarely yields to a laugh, is all business. He arrived at Olive Branch from Lafayette County in 2006, having once flirted with the job when his old coach, Leslie Pool, retired at the end of the 1998 season. He took over teams that had won 22 games in the two preceding seasons under Jamie Mitchell and took no time building on it. Samsel's Conquistadors went 12 2 in his first season. But much of the building took place outside of 7 o'clock on Friday night. Two of his former players built the equipment for a new weight room, something Samsel guessed was worth about 0,000. The grass was ripped up at the stadium, which is named after Pool, before the 2008 season and replaced with artificial turf at a cost of 0,000. His program has established pipelines to colleges. The team's adidas uniforms are sleek and modern. Practices run on a timer, a shrill tone signaling the time to learn something new. We try to structure our practice like a college practice, he said. With a whopping 113 players, just from 10th through 12th grades, his roster looks like a college one, too. Yet for every stride Olive Branch made in recent years toward becoming a super program, there remained a couple of nemeses. Fifty miles down Interstate 55 in Batesville lives South Panola, a program whose elite level success defies explanation. From 2003 to 2010, South Panola played for the state title every season. In all but 2008, it won it. And outside of Jackson, Madison Central nestled into a role as one of the state's other top powers. Here's how this mattered to Samsel and the Conquistadors: South Panola is in Olive Branch's region, thus guaranteeing an annual matchup. And in Mississippi's north south split of postseason brackets, Olive Branch's route to the title game had to run through South Panola or Madison Central. For all of Samsel's success, the Conquistadors could not clear those hurdles. Good, not great. Until last season: In a regular season matchup, Olive Branch upended South Panola 24 6, breaking a streak of 14 consecutive losses to the Tigers. In the playoffs, with South Panola already ousted, the Conquistadors broke through in the semifinals with a 40 35 win over Madison Central. The next week, they edged Petal by a point to win a wild state title game and the 6A trophy, which rests on a shelf in Samsel's office. Samsel doesn't like the idea that his team was only legitimate once it beat mighty South Panola and once it advanced to Jackson, but he understands that's probably the perception. People only want to assign credibility to you when you've won the big game, Samsel said. Said Daivon Milan, a senior lineman: Once we got past them, we felt like we can accomplish anything. 'US' vs. 'Y'ALL' Olive Branch wins, therefore it has critics. Their gripe: players who transfer there. Last year, the program was placed on probation in the regular season by the Mississippi High School Activities Association in connection with four transfers from Melrose. The students said they didn't move to Olive Branch to play football but to have a better academic situation. Samsel bristles at the criticism. He's quick to point out what he says are the positives of Olive Branch: a commitment to education, discipline and character, lessons he learned playing under Pool. It's not just a football factory, contrary to what some people may believe, Samsel said. Kyle Brigance, a 1985 Olive Branch graduate and the school's principal, puts the transfers in perspective. The truth is, we've had Memphis kids moving down here for a long time. All of DeSoto County, for that matter. He offers some numbers to back up his point. His graduating class in 1985 had 125 students. The school was in a 4A classification for years. But at its peak during the DeSoto building boom, Olive Branch had around 2,000 students. A pair of other schools have been built recently to cut into Olive Branch's zone, giving the school about 1,200 students ? making it among the smaller schools in 6A. In 1990, DeSoto County had some 68,000 residents. Twenty years later, it had over 160,000. Yet a Friday night at Olive Branch retains a small town feel. Fans walked in from parking their cars on neighboring streets as the school's lot closed an hour and fifteen minutes before kickoff. One of the end zone signs paid homage to both last year's title and a Beyonc song: Put Another Ring On It. The scoreboard is not inscribed with HOME and AWAY, instead opting for US and Y'ALL. And Pool, namesake of the field, sits in a folding chair at an end zone close to the team's entry and exit, soaking it all in. High school football in Olive Branch has always been a big deal, Pool said. This has always been a great football community, football school.Five thousand people visited Friday night to watch the annual grudge match with South Panola, but the home crowd left disappointed: The Tigers played brilliantly, stifling the offense that won Olive Branch a state title last year, and handed the home team a 28 14 loss. Whether this means Olive Branch will go from great to good, or whether those two terms are ever truly indicative of a program week to week, well, that remains to be seen. Samsel has no plans to leave, no designs to parlay success at Olive Branch into something else. Thousands will still file into Pool Field next week, Olive Branch will still play well into cold weather this fall and there's a good chance that another crop of Conquistadors will sign college scholarships in February. It's just one simple word, said Brigance, the principal, when asked about Samsel's success, and it's 'consistency.' ???lympic NGBs trying to survive economic crisis Steve Penny held his breath, hoping a global financial crisis wouldn't cause some of America's more recognizable corporations to lose faith in one of the country's more popular Olympic sports. When USA Gymnastics reached a four year sponsorship deal with Visa, Penny exhaled. When it secured pacts with Adidas, AT and Tyson Foods, he nearly jumped for joy. What we need to focus on is maintaining the stability of the Olympic movement, said Penny, president of USA Gymnastics. The boat got rocked a little bit, but it's steadying. It's still a wholesome and safe investment. That's the sales pitch of national governing bodies, which depend on increasingly limited sponsorship dollars to add bulk to their budgets and provide a safety net during a persistent economic downturn. Each of the 39 NGBs 20 are in Colorado Springs must find corporate partners. Olympic Committee and International Olympic Committee, although the terms of the deals are different. If the USOC, with 18 partners through 2012, renews a four year pact with AT it would carry million to million. By comparison, USA Track Field boasts four sponsors, worth million a year; USA Gymnastics has 17 sponsors, worth .5 million; and USA Volleyball has 14 sponsors, worth .7 million. The sponsorships, coupled with .3 million from 100,000 plus members and a .8 million USOC grant, allow USA Gymnastics to build momentum from the 2008 Beijing Games, where its artistic teams won medals. We have not decreased the level of support to our elite programs, said Penny, whose NGB offered .2 million in athlete funding in 2007. We don't want to take a step backward. We're making sure we keep that investment consistent and that we're doing what we need to do to stay on the podium. USA Boxing remains open to relocating from Colorado Springs, awaiting word on whether the city can supply a million line of credit or unsecured loan. The 18 employee federation, touting Everlast, United Airlines and XP Apparel as sponsors, recently laid off two staffers. It also implemented half days on Fridays to reduce salary costs by 10 percent. Survival is the strategy, said Jim Millman, chief executive officer of USA Boxing. We need to recruit more athletes. We need to recruit more coaches. We need to promote more opportunities for young athletes to box. USA Triathlon's advertising and sponsorship revenues, reported at .3 million in 2007, have fallen by 20 percent despite 16 corporate partners, including Bank of America, Gatorade and Speedo. The NGB believes it can compensate by adding more members and sanctioning more events. Its 85,000 plus members contributed .8 million in 2007, and its 2,340 races generated .2 million. We're keeping our fingers crossed that people will continue to participate, said Skip Gilbert, executive director of USA Triathlon. If you have a choice of sitting on the couch and watching TV or training for a sport, hopefully more people will do the latter. . You like to think that sport is somewhat economic proof.???n the Jabulani ball Express Star Manager Martin O'Neill has revealed his relief that Villa won't have to be using the Jabulani again after labelling the much maligned ball strange. The Adidas ball, widely criticised by goalkeepers and managers during the World Cup, was used for the Guadiana Cup in Portugal which Villa were involved in over the weekend. First goalkeeper Brad Friedel could only parry a viciously veering long range shot to leave Javier Saviola with the goal at his mercy and then an Oscar Cardoza free kick swerved wickedly into the top corner. And the Villa boss admitted he was unimpressed. He said: It doesn't half fly. It moves all over the place. I went out especially to have a little look at it as the boys were kicking it around and you could see it moving in flight like you wouldn't believe. Natural Mens Adidas Originals Zx750 V20868 Brown White Shoes Luxurious

The Huffington Post chatted with Kardashian West about this new fashion venture, the prized fashion possessions she's passing down to her daughter, North's impeccable personal style and so much more. Check it out below! adidas climacool modulation 2 high-performance running shoes - men Prayer rugs have recently been found on the Texas side of the border in the brush, Dewhurst said during a speech Friday at the Values Voter Summit, echoing a claim reported on Breitbart and thought to actually be an Adidas soccer jersey.???exico's World Cup keepers practice with NFL footballs

cheap adidas crazy 8 To complete the military homage, the Hurricanes will debut the new Delta Force inspired Dark Ops 2016 adizero 5 Star 5.0 x KEVLAR and 2016 Freak x KEVLAR cleats, constructed from a durable, flexible canvas similar to military accessories and footwear. Embroidered stripes pay tribute to the insignia found on elite forces uniforms, and stitching reinforced with KEVLAR provides durability and strength. The 5 STAR FRAME, featuring a KEVLAR reinforced plate, is the optimum blend of lightweight, strength and traction.???iami Hurricanes unveil new The S 500 and Dow are less than 1 percent from their all time highs set March 2. The Russell 2000 Index is at a record, and the Nasdaq Composite Index sits 0.4 percent below its highest ever level in March 2000. equities and especially international equities, of all the alternatives, still look like the healthiest alternative, Tim Courtney, who helps oversee about .3 billion as chief investment officer of Exencial Wealth Advisors, said in a phone interview from Oklahoma City. Until another viable alternative comes about that doesn't look like it's going to happen until rates start to rise stocks should do well. The S 500 posted a 2.7 percent weekly gain, snapping a three week losing streak after the Federal Reserve acknowledged that economic growth has moderated, indicating it is in no rush to raise interest rates. The central bank said it won't tighten until it is reasonably confident inflation will return to its target and the labor market improves further. The Fed also dropped an assurance it will be patient in raising rates. stocks, making the benchmark equity index's 2.4 percent rise this year one of the developed world's worst performances. Meanwhile, the European Central Bank's introduction of quantitative easing has helped push the Stoxx Europe 600 Index up more than 17 percent. All 10 of the S 500's main industries rose Friday, led by energy companies' 1.4 percent rally as oil prices rebounded. Transocean Ltd. and Halliburton Co. climbed more than 3 percent. West Texas Intermediate crude oil added 4 percent. Consumer stocks advanced at least 1 percent, paced by gains in Wal Mart Stores Inc., Kellogg Co. and ConAgra Food Inc. Biogen Idec jumped 9.8 percent after trial results for its experimental Alzheimer's drug were so positive that the drugmaker is skipping mid stage testing to move directly into final stage trials later this year. Dow component Nike rose 3.7 percent to an all time high. The world's largest sporting goods maker posted third quarter profit that topped analysts' estimates. Nike is taking advantage of missteps at Adidas AG, the No. 2 supplier of sports gear. After years of losing market share, the Herzogenaurach, Germany based company is looking for a replacement for Chief Executive Officer Herbert Hainer. Darden Restaurants Inc., owner of the Olive Garden chain, among others, advanced 2.9 percent to a record after raising its 2015 earnings forecast. The company's third quarter profit exceeded analysts' forecasts. Tiffany slipped 4 percent, the most since January. The world's second largest luxury jewelry chain predicted a 30 percent decline in net income this quarter. to shop. As it tries to bounce back, Tiffany has been raising the prices of some jewelry and marketing more entry level fashion pieces. HUMAN SERVICES POSITIONS Catholic Charities is seeking high energy, talented and creative people for the following positions: SHELTER DIRECTOR: this postion is responsible for the daily operation of Youville Family Shelter. Must have a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or a related field with at least 3 yrs. of experience supervising direct care/case management staff, preferably in a homeless shelter environment. RESIDENTAL STAFF: FT and on call positions to work with families staying at Youville Family Shelter. Experience working with homelessness or in a Human Service enviroment is preferred. JOB COACH: FT position at Mercy Centre working with adults with developmental disabilities. This position will supervise and train program participants at Mercy Centre and at community job sites. Must have a valid MA driver's license. Experience working with adults with developmental disabilities is a plus. NURSE TRAINING COORDINATOR: FT position responsible for the design, preparation and implementation of training programs for homemakers, PCA, home health aides and supportive care aides. This positition is based in Worcester and requires travels: travel to other Home Care offices within the service area. Must be an RN, licensed in MA, miinimum of 2 yrs. of experience and knowledge of home based services for elderly and disabled. PARENT AIDE: FT position working with families that are DCF referred, to assist in the development of parenting and home management skills. Must have experience working with children or families in a human service environment and knowledge of child development. A Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or a related field and bi lingual skills is preferred. The schedule requires flexibility to work at times in the evenings/ weekends to accommodate the client's schedule. This postiion is based in Southbridge but requires travel throughout Worcester County. Candidates should send a resume and cover letter, indicating the position interested in, to: HRM, 10 Hammond St., Worcester, MA 01610. The person selected will administer a portfolio of 475 housing units spread across seven programs: 67 units Ch. 200 family housing, 14 units Ch. 705 family housing, 249 units Ch. 667 elderly housing, 12 units Ch. 667 congregate housing, 7 units Ch. 689 special needs housing, 23 units Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program, and 103 Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. The Executive Director reports to the Board of Commissioners. The Executive Director is responsible for providing staff leadership to ensure compliance with Board policy and State and Federal regulations. Qualifications: The minimum qualifications require ten years' experience in housing, community development, public administration, or a closely related field. A Bachelor's Degree in a related field my substitute for up to two years of the required experience. Knowledge of the principles and practices of housing management, finances, capital improvement, and maintenance systems in public or private housing is required. Candidates must have strong computer, verbal, writing and problem solving skills in addition to knowledge of laws regulating State and Federal regulations. Qualifications: The minimum qualifications require ten years; experience in housing, community development, public administration, or a closely related field. A Bachelor's Degree in a related field may substitute for up to two years of the required experience. Knowledge of the principles and practices of housing management, finances, capital improvement, and maintenance systems in a public or private housing management, finances, capital improvement, and maintenenace systems in public or private housing is required. Five years' experience over seeing a staff of at least five persons or program administration is required. Candidates must have strong computer, verbal, writing and problem solving skills in addition to knowledge of laws regulating State and Federal housing programs. Public Housing Manager (PHM) or Massachusetts Public Housing Administrator (MPHA) Certification preferred but must be obtained within twelve months. Candidates should demonstrate experience and sensitivity working with people of various socio economic and diverse backgrounds. Valid Massachusetts driver's license required. Salary is commensurate with experience within DHCD guidelines for 37.5 minimum hours per week. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on Friday, January 29, 2016. JOB POSTING TOWN OF PRINCETON BROADBAND MUNICIPAL LIGHT PLANT The Town of Princeton's Broadband Municipal Light Plant (PBMLP) seeks a part time Assistant Manager reporting directly to the Town Administrator. Responsible to provide professional administrative management, coordinating the activities of the PBMLP's Connecting Princeton project. The ideal candidate should have a bachelor's degree in engineering, business, public administration or management, with three years' experience with large scale complex projects, fiber optic infrastructure, and/or Municipal Light Plant operations, highly desired. Flexibility to work most hours from home. Salary commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applications accepted until position is filled; initial cut off date is Monday, February 8th. EOE. ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT The Southborough Town Clerk's office seeks applicants for a 20 hour benefitted Administrative Assistant. This part time position requires someone with excellent customer service organizational skills and attention to detail. Duties include: records management, processing annual licenses, assisting with town election coordination, dealing with public inquiries facilitating committee meeting related tasks. Experience in MS Office is essential; knowledge of Adobe Acrobat Pro is an asset. Position requires high school degree two years of related experience; an Associate's Degree preferred. The minimum rate of this position is .45/hour. EEO Temp Flex, a Molex Company, located in So. Grafton, MA is a manufacturer of specialty wire and cable and is hiring for the following two positions: Material Handler/Receiver. This position is for the 1st Shift and entails receiving, inspecting, delivering raw material/supplies to necessary departments as well as inventory control and record keeping. This person will also perform functions in other departments as needed. Computer skills, basic math skills and attention to detail are a must. Must be able to lift/carry objects weighing up to 75 pounds, as well as stand, walk continuously and climb stairs. Receiving, Material Handling Forklift exp. preferred. HS diploma or GED required. We are also hiring a Cabling Machine Operator. This position requires mechanical aptitude, ability to read and follow specs, ability to stand/move most of the day. Wire and cable experience are preferred. Apply in person: 26 Milford Road, So. Grafton, MA, 9 4. EEO/AA Employer/Vet/Disabled ASSISTANT ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER/ Assistant Animal Health Inspector (Assistant ACO) for the Town of Auburn, MA: The Assistant Animal Control Officer is responsible for providing coverage in the absence of the Full Time Animal Control Officer and must be available for select night/weekend/holiday coverage. Must have two to three years of animal handling experience, a general understanding of state and local animal control laws, and a general knowledge of protocols in animal sheltering environments. Weekly stipend position. A. An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer BANKRUPTCY JUDGE POSITION UNITED STATES COURTS FOR THE FIRST CIRCUIT The First Circuit Court of Appeals is seeking applicants for a bankruptcy judge position for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Massachusetts in Springfield. Attorneys with broad or specialized litigation or commercial experience are encouraged to apply, whether or not such experience is in bankruptcy law. The term of office is 14 years and the current salary is 6,852. Applications are to be received in the Circuit Executive's Office no later than February 26, 2016. EOE. Equipment Maintenance Mechanic OFS, a world class leader in the manufacture of optical fiber has an opening for a Mechanic located at our fiber manufacturing facility in Sturbridge, Mass. Position requires the ability to perform preventative maintenance, repairs, and calibrations on fiber optic production equipment to ensure equipment reliability. Candidate should have strong troubleshooting skills when dealing with mechanical, chemical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical systems. Training for industry specific equipment will be provided. Must have basic computer skills (Microsoft Office and computerized maintenance management software). Job duties will also include reading blue prints, P and following established work instructions and procedures. Responsibility Requirements Must be able to work in a safe manner at all times Must be able to work with minimal direct supervision. Will assist in tracking, control and use of spare parts inventory. May be required to perform basic electrical functions such as running wires, replacing fuses, changing electric motors/brushes, and similar tasks requiring minimal or no specific electrical trade knowledge. Must be motivated to achieve continuous improvement for the company and one's own abilities. Experience Required Completion of an accredited trades training and/or Qualifications showing a strong history of mechanical aptitude. Working at OFS means having the opportunity to realize ideas, experience innovation and discover new solutions for the future. In addition to our dynamic work environment, we offer a competitive salary and generous benefits programs, including medical, dental and a matching 401(k) plan. This position is part of a collective bargaining unit represented by Local 1400 of the CWA.???iography of Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is an American basketball player, who plays as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Bryant played an important role in Lakers' three consecutive NBA title wins from 2000 to 2002, and two consecutive title wins in 2009 and 2010. In fact, he won the Bill Russell NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award (MVP) in 2009 and 2010, after missing out on the same to Shaquille O'Neal in the previous three outings. Kobe Bryant was also a part of the United States national basketball team which won the Gold in men's basketball in 2008 Summer Olympics. Kobe Bean Bryant was born on 23rd August, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as the third child to Joe Bryant and Pamela Cox Bryant. Back then, Joe Bryant was the head coach of Los Angeles Sparks. Kobe started playing basketball at an early age of three years. He studied at the Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia. In 1995, he earned the Most Valuable Player Award at the Adidas ABCD Camp. His performance at the senior year of high school earned him laurels, such as Naismith High School Player of the Year and the USA Today All USA First Team Player. A gifted player that he was, Kobe Bryant decided to go directly to NBA at the age of 17. In 1996, Kobe Bryant was chosen as a draft pick by Charlotte Hornets, and traded with Los Angeles Lakers. In 1996 97 season, Bryant played a significant role in Lakers' 56 wins. At the age of 17, he became the youngest player to play in NBA. A win at the Nestle Crunch Slam Dunk put the spotlight on him in 1997. In his second season, Bryant became the youngest NBA All star starter in NBA. With the duo of Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal in full form, Lakers won the NBA Championship in a row for three straight years; 2000, 2001 and 2002. For his astounding performance, Bryant was awarded the Most Valuable Player of the 2002 All star game. In 2002 03 season, Bryant was at the all time high of his career with an average of 30 points per match. However, Lakers failed to make it four championships in a row, losing to San Antonio Spurs in the playoffs. In 2003 2004 season, Kobe Bryant became a free agent, which gave him the power of opting out of the team if he desired. However, he opted to stay with Lakers and signed a 7 year extension with them. Following the internal conflicts, Shaquille O'Neal was traded to Miami Heat, and Bryant acquired the top position in LA Lakers. The 2004 05 season proved to be a disastrous season for the team, as well as Bryant himself. Lakers failed to make it to the playoffs, while Bryant failed to make it to NBA All Defensive team. Kobe Bryant made his debut for the United States National Team in 2006. This team went on to win the FIBA Americas Championship in 2007, and the Olympic gold medal in 2008. Bryant made his ninth All Star Game appearance on 18th February, 2007. By the end of the same year, he became the youngest player to reach the 20,000 point mark. In 2009, Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic to win the NBA Championship after a drought of five years. It was Bryant's fourth NBA Championship win after the three wins in a row between 2000 2002. The same year, Bryant got the first NBA Most Valuable Player Award of his career. The couple has two daughters; Natalia Diamante Bryant born on 19th January, 2003, and Gianna Maria Onore Bryant, born on 1st May, 2006. Throughout his career, Bryant endorsed major brands like Adidas, Coca Cola, McDonald's and Nintendo. One of the major brands endorsed by him was Nike's Hyperdunk shoes; his videos promoting this brand were viewed 4.5 million times each on YouTube. In 2010, Bryant made it to the third place in Forbes list of highest paid athletes behind Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Bryant however, had his share of controversies as well. In 2003, he was arrested on the charges of sexual assault filed by Katelyn Faber, a nineteen year old hotel employee. Bryant did admit that he had an adulterous sexual encounter with Faber, but denied the charges of sexual assault. Though the case was dropped the following year and both parties opted for a settlement in case of the civil lawsuit filed by Faber, Bryant's reputation as a star did receive a major dent. As the details of the trial went public, big brands, like the McDonald's, decided to terminate their contract with Bryant. The considerably lengthy list Kobe Bryant's accomplishments, which includes awards like the NBA Most Valuable Player award, NBA Slam dunk Champion, NBA Champion, etc, gives a rough idea of his prominence on the basketball court. As you see in this biography, Kobe Bryant has made it big in the world of basketball in his career roughly spanning over a decade and a half.???iography of Mark Harmon Thomas Mark Harmon, popularly known as Mark Harmon, is an American actor best known for his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in television's popular CBS police drama series, NCIS. An aspiring footballer during his years of graduation, he worked for a brief period as a salesman for a tennis shoe company and also as a carpenter. He is the youngest in the family having two elder sisters; actress and painter Kristin Nelson and actress Kelly Harmon. After graduating from the Los Angeles Pierce College as a student and also as a quarterback, he transferred to University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and started as a quarterback for their football team, UCLA Bruins in 1972. In 1973, Harmon received the National Football Foundation Award for All round Excellence. Before he went on to become one of the finest actors, he worked as a carpenter and also as a lifeguard for a brief period of time. His first television appearance was for a Kellogg's commercial where he was featured with his father, the latter being associated with the company for a long time. His first television gig was for the transitory spin off of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet titled as Ozzie Girls in the year 1973. In the year after that, Harmon made recurring guest appearances in television series, Emergency, Adam 12 and Police Woman. In 1976 and 1977, he was showcased as one of the cameos in the hit television series, Laverne Shirley and The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. Following his stint as a guest on various shows, Harmon was cast as a LAPD officer in the crime drama on CBS, Sam. During this time, he was nominated for the Emmy Awards for his role as Robert Dunlap for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a TV Movie, Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years. Harmon subsequently bagged the role of Dr. Robert Caldwell on the esteemed NBC Emmy winning medical drama series, St. Elsewhere. Before leaving the show, after completing three successful seasons, he made a mark in the world of television for playing his role of Dr. Caldwell efficiently. Immediately after his exit from St. Elsewhere, Harmon gained a lead role as a free spirited pool cleaner Robin Prince in the TV movie Prince of Bel Air and as serial killer Ted Bundy in The Deliberate Stranger. He was now no longer a new face in the showbiz and with the gaining popularity, he earned the roles in the films Let's Get Harry (1986) and Summer School (1987). Despite acting in The Presidio where he co starred Sean Connery and Meg Ryan and working opposite Jodie Foster in Stealing Home, Mark Harmon's film career never took off which, thus, marked his return to the television platform. It was during this time that he garnered the role of Dickie Cobb (1991 1993) in the NBC show . He later went on to play the role of Dr. Jack McNeil in the medical show Chicago Hope for a period of four years from 1996 2000. Harmon, in 2002, received his second Emmy nomination for portrayal of his character as Secret Service Special Agent Simon Donovan on a four episode storyline in The West Wing. His character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, was introduced in JAG where he starred as a guest for two episodes and since 2003 has starred as the same in the hit CBS show NCIS. Harmon was also seen in a supporting role in the remake of 1976 Disney movie, Freaky Friday. After dating for a year, Mark Harmon married actress Pam Dawber on 21st March 1987 and has two sons with her, Sean Thomas Harmon and Ty Christian Harmon. His elder son, Sean has played the role of Gibbs in younger days on NCIS. Harmon's eldest sister, Kristin Harmon is an ex wife of the well known TV star of 70s, Late Ricky Nelson and elder sister Kelly Harmon is a model and former wife of car baron John DeLorean. Before appearing in more than 20 advertisements for Coors beer in the 1980s, Harmon worked for Adidas in 1970s as a national shoe representative. In 1974, he got a chance of playing professional football, but turned it down and chose a career in acting. During his career, spanning almost 40 years, Mark Harmon has achieved a number of award nominations in a wide range of categories from Best Actor to Outstanding Guest Actor. The list of the awards for which he was nominated for his various roles on television is given below.???ishops knock off Wando But Snyder had no complaints about his team's effort Wednesday night against the nationally ranked Wando Warriors. The two teams played to a 1 1 tie after 80 minutes of regulation and two five minute overtimes. The Bishops then outscored Wando 2 1 in penalty kicks to send the Warriors to their first loss after 13 victories. To be honest with you, I don't like deciding it with penalty kicks, Snyder said after the Bishops, the No. 1 team in Class AA, beat Wando which was ranked No. 15 by Rivals and No. 19 in the NSCAA/adidas poll. I'm sure (Wando) coach (Shannon) Champ doesn't like it either. I'd rather go sudden death. I'd rather settle it on the field. But the High School League decided on penalty kicks and I'll live with it. BE's Elizabeth Miller scored on the first penalty kick, and Wando couldn't find the mark. The Warriors' first PK was high. The second shot hit the right post. Wando's third shot hit the left post. Wando's Olivia Urig scored on the Warriors' fourth shot to tie it. BE's Lizzie Daly placed a shot in the left corner, just past a diving Jade Davis. Wando's final attempt was wide, and BE had the win. What can I say? We beat a great team tonight, Snyder said. They were nationally ranked and deserved it. Our team just didn't quit. The Bishops have won seven state championships, including six straight, so it has many great postseason victories. Wednesday's victory might just be the biggest regular season victory. This ranks right up there, Snyder said. In 2004, we played Broughton, which was No. 1 in the country. They took us lightly and we played them to a 1 1 tie. Playing Broughton to a tie in Raleigh was big. We ended that season nationally ranked.???lack Dee jailed over drugs and ammunition Express Star Judge Philip Parker QC was told that Roberts who appeared in the dock wearing a multi coloured adidas tracksuit has since been reduced to sofa surfing and claiming Jobseeker's Allowance. Roberts was convicted by a jury in November last year of possessing ammunition and heroin, and two counts of possession of crack cocaine with intent to supply, having earlier admitted offences related to cannabis. Jailing the reality TV star, Judge Parker told her that police surveillance footage of her home between May 3 and June 10 2013 had shown a steady trade of drugs being sold to customers. The judge, who heard that cocaine and dealings bags were recovered, told Roberts: Also found were 11 live rounds of ammunition and a single deal of heroin.

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cheap adidas crazy 8 Beyonc's pissed at Jay Z for allowing Kimye so close to them, says our industry insider. Beyonc and her team have worked very hard to put out the exact image they want out there it's super controlled and managed and manicured. Jay is very loyal to Kanye, but it's the Kim and Kanye drama that Bey has always requested they avoid, the source added. This isn't a totally malicious or a big fight, more of an 'I told you so' from Bey to Jay. When Beck's name was called rather than that of West's friend Beyonc, Kanye had begun to climb the stairs to the stage. It appeared to be a repeat of, or a joking reference to, his incident at the 2009 VMA Awards. In that debacle, he took the mic from Swift to announce that Beyonc should have won Swift's award. Kanye returned to his seat but later told E!, What happens is when you keep on diminishing art and not respecting the craft and smacking people in the face after they deliver monumental feats of music, you're disrespectful to inspiration. View Gallery Grammys 2015: Winners, losers and top show moments On Wednesday on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, West explained his latest stage invasion, saying he'd heard people screaming, Kanye! Go do it! These were voices in my head, he added. Then I just walked halfway up the stage. What I really wanted to do was joke around with what had happened before, but I didn't want to take away from Beck's moment or the time he had to talk . so I just walked back down. It was kind of a joke, like the Grammys themselves. In spite of the drama, the gang was all back together Thursday for the Kanye West and Adidas show, with Jay and Bey sitting front row with Kardashian.??Rocket' Rod's Slam more amazing CARLSBAD, Calif. It was the final year of a turbulent decade, when Richard Nixon was in the White House, the Beatles were about to release Abbey Road, and Neil Armstrong had just taken man's first steps on the moon. There was another rocket launch in 1969, one that resonates in the sports world today Rod Laver wrapped up his second career Grand Slam of tennis. Open in the same year. Now 70, Laver is being honored at the Australian Open for the 40th anniversary of his second Grand Slam. He also won tennis' four biggest tournaments as an amateur in 1962. The four men he beat with his powerful left arm in his 1969 Grand Slam, Spaniard Andres Gimeno and fellow Aussies Ken Rosewall, John Newcombe and Tony Roche, are scheduled to join Laver at a legends lunch. Laver also is set to present the trophy following the men's final at Rod Laver Arena. I'm very honored. Plus, having the name on the stadium is quite a coup, Laver said. That's sort of really the crowning achievement of my whole career is having my name on it. He also has his name on the back of his green and white Adidas. Of course I do, he laughs, cheery as ever. You know, the Rod Laver tennis shoe. Laver enjoys talking about his Grand Slams if asked. He's not like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, popping a bottle of champagne when the last team with a chance to match their undefeated season is beaten. Besides, beer is Laver's drink of choice steak in a bottle, mate, is how he describes it, as only an Aussie could. I guess my makeup's not one to be flamboyant, said Rocket, given the sarcastic nickname by Australian Davis Cup captain Harry Hopman, who felt the 17 year old Laver was a bit lackadaisical. I just enjoyed playing and competing. The years go by, and no one has joined American Don Budge (1938) and the unassuming Laver as the only men to win the Grand Slam. One of the greatest athletes of a whole lifetime, said Carlos Moya, the 1998 French Open winner. Nobody since has been able to achieve that. and French championships twice each. He added six Grand Slam titles in men's doubles and three in mixed doubles.

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